What features are included in the flat fee?


  • Integration with your NationBuilder account or WordPress/Drupal web site.
  • Push notifications in a format compatible for users to share on social media
  • Home screen including anything that can be found on your website: calendar of events, positions on issues, biographies, etc.
  • Video library of the campaign’s events, speeches, and anything else that the campaign would like to store
  • Accept mobile donations on platforms such as Anedot and Raise the Money
  • Volunteer management tools
  • Initial setup: we will integrate your current logos and imagines in the app so all of your digital and print campaigns are ubiquitous

I have a website, funds are tight, is an app really necessary for my campaign?

Yes. First, websites are stagnant. If there is breaking news, you can post it to your website, but you have wait for users to look at your website. In the meantime your voters can be receiving another angle of the story elsewhere.

You are not the first to reach them. With this app, you send breaking news in your own words directly to the voters phone so they receive what you need them to know in real time.

Second, voters are increasingly using their smartphone more than their desktop, but they could benefit from state of the art features, which are only capable for apps.

Is there an iPad version?

Yes, the iPad version is for your volunteers who want to help you with your ground campaign. Volunteers can see a list of voters from your voter file who are in the nearby neighborhood. Potential voters can be marked as voting, not voting, or undecided and associate notes with them.