Second attempt--what are our elected officials doing?

After calling California's 34rd district office, I was pleasantly surprised by a kind staff member and then left again with a rabbit trail to follow. 

Explaining how and why I wanted to participate in the 34rd district: 30 seconds

Hearing how I could find out how I could achieve the level of participation (simply knowing about any bill, hearing, or ANYthing the Congressman was working on):  never happened

I was told I could look at the house website, and then I was guided to, which was disappointing because it showed active voting, but not WHAT they were voting on or if Congressman Becerra would be there, much less how he was planning to vote. 

I ended the call with the polite staffer with the consensus that my goals (as stated above) were virtually impossible to accomplish as a theoretical constituent. She, a staffer in his office, didn't even know what he was working on. 

Our officials are elected and, to no fault of their own, have no way to interact in real time with the people they represent. I'm glad that my company and our app has completely solved this problem. A problem it is.