What are our elected officials doing?

I called Congressman Scott Peters office and explained what I needed--what is he voting on next? what is he involved in next? How can I participate BEFORE the vote, BEFORE the hearing?

After being placed on a brief hold, I was told that I could call back on Thursday or Friday, and they would have that information. The schedule would not be released for the following week until the Thursday of Friday beforehand. 

Hmm. I went to www.congress.gov and saw several events on the schedule. The question then becomes, will Congressman Peters be there? What committees is he on or what hearings will he attend? 

I browsed around for a few minutes and then stopped because a few minutes is more than most people would spend. The information wasn't clear: Congressman Peters will be voting on XYZ on these dates, he will be attending these hearings, and he is working on these bills--give us your thoughts. None of that.