Fox News National Radio Tour

I joined a few of you on your local Fox News Radio Stations, discussing the news of the day as well as the role of technology in the 2016 elections. For so many, those aspiring to become politically active have to main points of tension:

1. I want to know more and be more active, but I don't know where to start

2. I want to know more and be more active, but I don't have the time to figure out how to get involved

VoteRockIt solves both of these problems. When a candidate has our app, they talk to you. They tell you how to get involved, they tell you where to go, and they tell you how to make a difference. If you are on the fence or wanting to know more about the points of difference between candidates, they can explain points of contrast. The days of only knowing one minute sound bites about a candidate are over. What does candidate X think about breaking news? Now, you can know in real time through push notifications. Think it is a good position or point? Share that notification with everyone in your social media circle of influence.

When we created VoteRockIt, we created it to break down the barriers hindering grass root involvement, information, and direct communication with those wanting your vote or those who are representing you. The line of communication needs to be direct, and now it is. 

The cities I spoke with seemed to agree, we hope you do to--we hope you get involved and we hope your elected official or candidate will use our app to communicate directly with YOU.