30 days 30 cities 30 members of Congress

Upon founding VoteRockIt, I had spent my adult life in politics--both professionally and through volunteer work. When my co-founder Matt, and I linked up, we were determined to bridge the gap of critical information between the electorate and those running for office or in office...and vice versa. 

Still, the app is seen as an option for politicians, while there is a ground swell of support from the electorate. We want to be in direct contact. We should have direct contact. There is simply no reason, in this day in age, for there to be such far bridge to cross to know what our elected officials are doing.

What are our elected officials doing? We know AFTER the votes, we can see a list after the fact, but getting pertinent information to voice our opinion on bills before votes are cast is hard to come by...and it shouldn't be. 

I'm going to go coast to coast, finding out how to get this information right now, if it is accessible at all, how long it takes, and then letting you know one way to voice your opinion if you are in that city.

Although VoteRockIt supports candidates and elected officials ranging from city counsel to Presidents, for the sake of continuity, I will focus on members of Congress. I'll give a few offices a call and see what is going on.