The Top Five Viral Campaigns

A world where we have access to nearly all the information in the world may seem like something out of a science fiction novel. And yet, here we are in 2015 where technology has permeated our lives at a level that once seemed impossible. Digital media has changed the way that we gather information. Whereas our direct interactions were limited largely by who we personally knew, technology online has created a collaborative environment that allows for information to be shared between people in an instant. Viral campaigns are a normal part of outreach in the 2010s. Instead of being forced to go from door-to-door in person, these campaigns can reach people from the comfort of their home and be rapidly shared. Here are some of the top viral campaigns that highlight what inspires us to explore the possibilities that digital media has to offer to connect people with ideas. (Source: Entrepreneur Magazine)


Chipotle:The Scarecrow

This unique campaign involved the release a short film called The Scarecrow on September 11, 2013 on YouTube. It was obvious that this short was a success when it was reported that 5.5 million people watched it in the first week. The film starred a Scarecrow living is a dystopian world who watched in horror as the farm he lived on treated livestock unethically. Feeling that he could do better, the Scarecrow found a red pepper and picked it before deciding to grow his own vegetables and sell burritos. Critics found this novel way to showcase many of the values that Chipotle exposed that the short won the Emmy for Outstanding New Approaches – Original Daytime Program or Series and for Outstanding Directing in an Animated Program at the 41st Daytime Emmy Awards.


Dove: Real Beauty Sketches

Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches was a short film released on April 13, 2013 that was part of Dove’s larger Campaign for Real Beauty. This unique project explored the way that women are often self-critical of their own appearance and how important it was for them to find their own self-worth despite the slanted perceptions beauty that exist in mainstream culture. A group of women were asked to describe their own appearance for a sketch artist followed by one of the other women describing them for a sketch as well. Afterwards, both sketches were compared. The film had over 163 million views by June 2013 and received the Titanium Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity later that year.


Evian: Roller Babies

Evian’s Roller Babies holds Guinness World Record for “Most Viral Ad of All Time.” The video which was simple in its approach of showings dancing babies on roller skates garnered over 13 billion views on YouTube since its release in 2009. A follow-up campaign was released in 2013. The campaign was unique in that it was one of the first attempts at having a completely online-based advertising campaign.


Lay's: Do Us a Flavor

Lay’s Do Us a Flavor is a simple yet fun campaign that is in its 3rd year running as of 2015. The campaign calls for participants to submit new flavor ideas that they would like Lay’s to release to the market. The person who has their flavor chosen receives a $1 million prize. What makes this campaign viral is that once a panel of judges narrows the choices down to a final four, the public can vote via social media for the final winner.


GoPro: Fireman Saves Kitten

GoPro’s Fireman Saves Kitten was a viral film released in 2014 cut from raw footage of a firefighter rescuing a kitten from a house fire. The film received Best User-Created Viral Ad award the 2014 Viral Video Awards. As of 2015, the video has nearly 27,000,000 views on YouTube. What made this film so unique was that it was a practical use of a product used to show a practical use in action.

These are just a handful of viral campaigns that showcase how powerful digital media is in spreading a message to the masses. We believe that the same principles used in marketing for viral campaigns can be utilized in the political world. VoteRockit believes that continuing to develop digital marketing applications towards politics is one way to get more people engaged in the political world than before. We invite you to discuss these ideas with us.