Campaign Budget: Cost versus Worth

The budget of a campaign is one of the most crucial elements of the kickoff of an election. Your committee decides how much of the campaign’s resources should go to what line-items, and on occasion the most effective means of promotion and GOTV efforts fall by the wayside for more instant gratification items. For instance, parade candy or promotional items can easily take up ten or more percent of a campaign’s budget. Breaking down the hard math, the campaign is throwing out a nickel for every piece of candy that leaves the parade walkers’hands… money you can’t get back. This is money that does nothing to promote the messaging, branding, or vision of the campaign. Instead of using money to sway voters with candy, instead look to redirect those funds into something that can work FOR you. An app in today’s society is something that is easily accessed, easily updated, and is a reliable means for getting your message out. Targeting your voter base with updates on platforms, event details, and volunteer information is an invaluable resource that will move your numbers far more than candy and stickers at a parade.