Your Campaign Needs an App

iPhone Campaign App
iPhone Campaign App

Apps Provide a Direct Channel to Electorate

iPhone and Android make up 90% of the Smartphone Market

The most important part of any campaign is reaching potential voters in a powerful way. Before you start a campaign, you are clear on the issues that are most important to you, and your campaign is a way to let others in on that. In a world where people on every socioeconomic level are depending on their smart phones for Internet access and all forms of communication, utilizing an app that effectively helps you communicate with your constituents is important. In addition to providing multiple forms of communication, our app helps you organize your approach.

  • Raise Money
  • Collect Data
  • Mobilize Volunteers
  • Get Out the Vote

It’s no longer optional for a campaign to have an app if the politician wants to be competitive and effective, and our app provides all the essentials, including the ability to accept donations, social media integration, and even assisting with volunteer mobilization.

This app reminds your supporters to vote and helps them find their voting location as well. It enables you to share the latest news on your campaign and let users know what small, doable steps they can take to help you get elected. It also lets you easily say thanks!

Most importantly, the public needs to get to know you. In order to remember who you are and what your campaign is all about, potential voters need to know the face and the person behind the platforms. The app allows direct, personable communication.

This app is customizable to match your own needs and preferences, and it’s available for both iPhone and Android phones.