Premium App Features

  • Live streaming video from our vendor partners

  • Localization (e.g., switch from English to Spanish)

  • Advanced canvassing and turf cutting 

  • QR Codes at Events Drive Downloads

  • App Download Campaign

  • Register to Vote

  • Build your List with User References

  • Ad revenue from MoPub ads

  • Your own custom ads

  • Geofenced notifications

  • Volunteers can access canvassing information and complete surveys through the app

  • Chatroom with the candidate 

  • Hashtag photos campaign

  • District maps

  • Automatic messaging from WordPress or RSS feed

  • User profiles

  • User generated content

  • Targeted video messaging (replace your TV ads!)

  • Content management

  • Private inbox

  • Fast social sharing

  • Volunteer management

  • Moderated user content

  • Polling and feedback

  • Match contact list to voters

  • Show legislation voted on for Elected Officials

  • Private apps for Volunteers

  • Crowd Sourced Campaign

  • Custom Polling Place

  • Absentee Ballots

  • Sign in with Phone Number

  • Leave a video message for the candidate

  • Deep integration of NationBuilder surveys, tags, and donations

  • Polling

Call for pricing on premium app features.  Have other customizations?  We can build them.

Augment Your Team with Our Consulting Staff

Our team can make ourselves available by phone, email, or chat to help with your campaign.  Our team has significant experience with enterprise apps, social media campaigns, and political fundraising.

You can retain our team as apart of your app package or separately.  
Call for hourly rates (888) 642-7355.

Customer Support

We are committed to providing superior customer support.  Each app package offers a level of support ranging from support helpdesk access to phone support and consulting.

We can also provide technical support for users of your app.  We can implement a user community, provide email support, or even chat support so that a superior end user experience is provided.